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Control Systems for Quantum Applications

Institute of Electronic Systems

Warsaw University of Technology










R&D in electronic systems for High Energy Physics, Fusion research, Space and Instrumentation for Quantum Applications

Research & Development

The main goal of our Research Lab is to design, build and maintain sophisticated control systems for applications where large number of channels, sub-ns synchronization and sub-us latency is required

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Sub-ns synchronization

We are cooperating with CERN and commercial companies on development of sub-ns synchronization technologies and their applications wnich are based on White-Rabbit and DRTIO. Applications include Accelerator and Detector complex synchronization, quantum computing and experiments, 5G, radar and beam-forming

Multi channel synchronous measurement and control

We build complex, multi-channel data acquisition and control systems ranging from a few up to hundreds thousands of channels. Low latency, sub-ns synchronization and synchronous operation is usually required. Applications include particle detectors, with and without triggering system, Software Defined MIMO Radio, Qubit readout systems. We use high end standards like Micro-TCA, VPX and CompactPCI Serial


Our systems are highly scalable and modular. Can be used in both single, bench-top applications and in large systems utilising hundred thousands of channels. We utilise recent Micro TCA, FMC, Space-VPX, CompactPCI Serial and many other standards to build our systems.

Space electronics

We build modular electronics for space applications based on Cubesat PC104, Sace-VPX and CPCI-Space standards. Our development is focused on optical, radio and research payloads including quantum applications. We use both Space-qualified and COTS components

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